What we do


Radioactive materials and depleted uranium (DU) have been widely used in many medical and industrial applications for many years. Our service is to recycle the unwanted gamma sources and DU for re-use for many different types of applications. This is accomplished by the DU being: cast, rolled and/or machined to make products such as radioactive materials transport containers, sheets and cylinders. This is carried out in special recycling facilities.

The technology we use for closed source recycling requires re encapsulation sources with other existing sources within a new capsule in a specialized and controlled environment ready to be reused.

Gamma Service has been recycling Depleted uranium for more than 10 year. Recycling is the best answer to the ever-growing amount of unwanted radioactive materials. Governments, industries and commercial companies are all seeking to reduce the size of the unwanted radioactive materials by re-using or recycling, furthering their involvement in helping the environment.

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What we do

Gamma Service specialises in the supply, removal, recycling and transportation of high activity Co-60, Cs-137 sources and depleted uranium.

The transportation of the radioactive sources is carried out in specifically designed transport containers Type A and B(U). Gamma Service are experts in the removal and recycling of depleted uranium from all medical and Industrial applications.

Our engineers are trained on all manufactured models of therapy units and industrial irradiators. We provide our customers with an exemplary service for installations, removals, maintenance, repair and dosimetry for Gamma Biological Irradiators. Gamma Service has the best technologically advanced devices for all consumer needs.

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Gamma Service provides to the highest forms of quality and safety management in the transportation of radioactive material. The transportation containers Type A and Type B(U) are specially designed to hold radioactive materials and sources. Offering the best in specialized transport services, we follow all regulations for transporting radioactive materials. All transportation for Gamma Service biological irradiators are carried out with the same prowess and example for all our services.

Quality assurance and certifications

Gamma - Service Recycling GmbH, our partner company, is managed to the quality guidelines of ISO9001: 2000. The quality management system is in accordance with the requirements needed for the handling of radioactive substances. They follow the regulations of Atomic Law and the GIPO. The exportation is controlled by the Federal Agency of export and economic control. This is the authority which controls the transportation of radioactive materials. We follow all regulations and necessary insurances required for the international transportation of radioactive substances, to ensure of a high customer service for any of our services or products!

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